Orange County Salon Hair Sylist, Susie Lauri
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Expert Hair Services in Orange County

Luxurious locks or shiny straight hair? Natural length or hair extensions? We each have our own hair preference, and we know how important that is to our sense of self. Hair is one of the key attributes that people remember us by, and it's essential that we entrust it to someone who has the skill set and the passion to care for it, as if it were hers.

Susie Lauri specializes in seeing each client's unique beauty while enhancing it – whether you're a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead. Susie has a trained eye that can spot your strengths, and the talent for making them come alive. When you come to her studio, you are assured of receiving a professional, competent service that will change not just your looks, but also your life.

She offers a full suite of hair services, so you are assured of finding a pair of hands that will cut and style according to what you need. Check out her services and their according prices below.


Women's Haircut and Style
Men's Haircut and Style
Curling and Flat Iron Hairstyle
Easihair Pro Extensions

Root Touch Up
Full Color
Mini Weave
Partial Weave
Full Weave
Corrective Color
Hairstyle (any color without cut)

Conditioning Treatment
Scalp Treatment

Full application
A la carte

* Prices vary depending on quantity
  and quality of your hair.


$85 and up*
$60 and up*
by Consultation

$75 and up*
$85 and up*
by Consultation
$90 and up*
$150 and up*
by Consultation
by Consultation
by Consultation


by Consultation

High-Quality Products and Excellent Customer Service

With over 19 years of experience in the hair industry, Susie has seen a wide variety of hair products. Of all these choices, she picks the most trusted brands to make sure that her clients' hair is protected, and that they are completely satisfied with the outcome. You don't have to worry about subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals that may damage your hair in the long run because Susie personally makes sure the products she uses are safe. The products Susie uses, such as Kevin Murphy, Framesi, easyHair Pro and HairLocs, have been carefully vetted to offer long-lasting softness and shine that you will surely notice.

Susie is committed to making each appointment as comfortable as possible. You will find that all your needs are attended to, your questions answered, and your hair concerns addressed. See for yourself by calling 949-683-3226 and booking an appointment. You will be amazed!


Orange County Salon Hair Stylist | Susie Lauri
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